• Oil / Gas / Mining Field Camping
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    1. Delivery:
    1)SOC delivery;
    2)Container loading, flat pack loaded into 40'HQ.
    2. Fast Installation instruction:
    We will provide you full instruction manual and excellent after sale services. For special projects, we can also send our engineer to help you move in with satisfaction.
    3. Our advantages:
    Company competitive edge
    1) Qualification: CE(DIN18800), ISO9001, BV, SGS;
    2) Long time oversea project experience;
    3) High Construction Efficiency (2 worker in one day for one unit);
    4) 4S sales and service network, buy a house just like to buy a car;
    Brand Name: Haicheng
    Products advantage
    1) Integrated base and roof, PU injected, excellent strength and tightness;
    2) 0.426mm color steel sheet for sandwich wall panel, strong and beautiful;
    3) Durable, beautiful, economic and environmental;
    4) Long life time (Max. 10 years);
    5) Easy to transport and assemble (Can load 7 units into one 40'HQ).
    1.Module container Size
    Length: 6055mm;
    Width: 2435mm;
    Height: 2791mm;
    Clear height indoor: 5860*2240*2500mm.
    2. Components
    Long beam: 3mm galvanized;
    Short beam: 3mm galvanized;
    Column: 3mm galvanized;
    Wall panel: 70mm glass wool sandwich board;
    Roof panel: 70mm PU and glass wool sandwich board;
    Secondary beam: Z-shaped galvanized steel iron;
    Floor panel: 18mm Chipboard panel+18mm magnesium floor board or 18mm cement- fiber +1.8/1.5mm PVC mat;
    Door: Steel door, 870mmx2040mm;
    Window: PVC Sliding window with Rolling shutter, 1100mmx800mm;
    Electronics, water supply and drainage: According to the local law.
    3 Technical parameter
    Roof load: 0.5KN/sqm (can reinforce the structure as required),
    Wind speed designing wind speed: 180km/h (Chinese standard),
    Seismic resistance: Magnitudes 8.
    4.  Packing details:
    1)Flat packing, 4 units in one package, all knocked down, ship in SOC(shipper owned containers);
    2)Flat packing, 7 units loaded into one 40'HQ.
    (1)oil / gas / mining field camping;
    (2)construction site camping.
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